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Version: 5.0.2

First Steps

Before you start

Make sure you have all the following components before you start the configuration process:

  • A working computer with a browser (Google Chrome is recommended). It will be used to configure Ultinous AI Suite via its web interface.

  • (Optional) One or more additional tools, depending on your needs. See the Additional Tools guide for a complete list.

  • LAN with DHCP service

  • At least one working IP camera with a known RTSP URL.

  • The Jetson box or x86-64 PC with Ultinous AI Suite installed.

    Contact for help.

  • A valid Ultinous AI Suite Licence Activation Key.

    Contact for help.

  • One free network port on the same subnet as the computer.

  • One free 220 power supply socket.

Power up the Ultinous AI Suite box

For installing AI Suite on x86-64 hardware, please refer to the installation guide. Then proceed with the steps laid out in the First boot section below.

Connect the Ultinous AI Suite box to the 220 power supply.

Note: There are two similar silver sockets. Make sure to connect the power cable to the one with the DC label: it is on the same side of the box as the Ethernet port (see the image below).

Ultinous AI Suite box

Connect the Ultinous AI Suite box to the Ethernet network using the primary Ethernet port of the device.

Note: There could be more than one network port, depending on the device. Make sure to use the correct, primary Ethernet port of the device, and not, for instance, a PoE port. See the examples below.

Ultinous AI Suite boxUltinous AI Suite box

There is no turn on/off button: a LED indicates if the box is properly connected to the power supply. Wait about one minute after you powered the Ultinous AI Suite box to let the Operating System and Ultinous AI Suite start.

First boot

Note that it may take up to 30 minutes for the system to start after first boot - this is due to the model cache generation that takes place the first time you boot the system.

To check if the model cache generation is finished, plug a monitor and keyboard to the Jetson NX device or PC (depending on the platform you installed AI Suite on). If the system is ready to use, you will be presented with the following login prompt:

AI Suite console login

Find out the IP address of the Ultinous AI Suite box

At this point the Ultinous AI Suite box is working, but you need to figure out its IP address to be able to log in to its web interface.

By default, Ultinous AI Suite is configured to acquire IP address via DHCP. Later this can be changed to use a fixed IP address. There are multiple ways to find out its IP address:

  1. In a corporate environment, ask the system administrators for help.
  2. In a home environment, the IP address can be found on the router's web page (typically, look for a list of DHCP clients. The client name is 'ualarm' by default).
  3. On a Windows PC, use the provided Ultinous AI Suite IP discovery tool (it requires .NET 4.5 or higher. On Windows 10, it is installed by default).

Make sure the computer and the Ultinous AI Suite box are on the same subnetwork. The tool automatically queries the network for available Ultinous AI Suite boxes, and displays their addresses in a table along with their configured hostnames and system uptime. The address can be copied to clipboard by double-clicking on the row or by clicking the copy button.

  1. Connect a monitor and keyboard to the device running AI Suite. Login as root, using your SOC-ID as the password, then type the following command: ip ad. Note down the IP address of the device from the list.

Open web interface

Copy the IP address of the box to a web browser and open it. You will see the user interface of Ultinous AI Suite. Here you can configure the system, check live streams with video analysis and manage Solutions.

Set up your account

Create a username and a password. Click the Continue button.


Activate your licence

See the documentation for license activation then proceed to the next step.

Set Timezone

Once the web interface is loaded, Ultinous AI Suite asks you to set your Timezone. Setting it is mandatory, but it can be modified later in the Control Panel.


Next steps

You can proceed with the Quick start guide or go to the detailed Camera settings help page.