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Version: 3.1.4

Multi Object Detection

Multi-object detection

A Multi Object Detection alarm is triggered whenever people or vehicles (ground, air and watercraft) are detected within a set time frame or location. It has high accuracy and low false alarm rate even at long range and with different light conditions. This method of detection is ideal for specialised use cases that require the detection, classification and filtering of objects, to determine if the following is true:

Person or Vehicle is:Use case example
at the wrong placeTruck blocking an emergency exit
at the wrong timeA vehicle is detected at night in a daytime-only parking lot
of the wrong typeMotorcycle occupying a bicycle parking spot
  • Core technology: full body and vehicle detection.
  • Available classes: person, car, bus, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, train, boat, airplane
  • Compatible with fixed, PTZ, and thermal cameras.
  • Takes up 10 analysis slots by default.
  • Areas of interest can be defined.
  • Send alarm notifications to third-party software.

New Multi Object Detection

To add a Multi Object Detection alarm, follow the steps as laid out in New Intrusion.

Compared to Intrusion, you can detect 3 more types of objects (train, boat, airplane) with this feature.

Before setting up HTTP / End of event message sending for Multi Object Detection alarms, consider reading the guide for third-party integration first.