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Version: 3.1.0

Ultinous AI Suite User's Guide (main)

For quickly checking Ultinous AI Suite's core features, see the quick start guide. Otherwise you can discover the full feature set by following these steps:

Take the First steps > Add Cameras > Set Solutions > Define a Schedule (optional) > Receive Events

Additional settings are available in the Control Panel.

Quick Start Guide

This guide helps you setup your device in the fastest way possible (optional settings are skipped here).


Detailed installation guide for Ultinous AI Suite, hardware support, and software update process.

First steps

Assembly, account management and licence activation. Prerequisites to be met before configuring a Ultinous AI Suite device.


Add cameras to Ultinous AI Suite and watch their live feed.


Understand and configure alarm/counter logic in Ultinous AI Suite.


Determine operating hours for the alarms.


Details about the Operator's view.

Control Panel

Additional settings.

Milestone XProtect Integration

Ultinous AI Suite supports Milestone Xprotect VMS integration. This step-by-step documentation will help the configuration in order to receive alarms in Milestone XProtect triggered by Ultinous AI Suite.

Genetec Security Center Integration

Ultinous AI Suite supports Genetec Security Center integration. Read the relevant documentation for detailed instructions.