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Version: 3.1.0

SureView Integration

Ultinous AI Suite has the capability to interface with the SureView solution. SureView is a Software-as-a-Service able to provide a single screen to coordinate alarms and events that comes into a Security Operations Center from any source. Follow the guide below for integration of your Ultinous AI Suite alarms.

Before you start

Please make sure that you have:

  • A registered account for SureView.

  • Your cameras and at least one Solution registered in Ultinous AI Suite.

Setup SureView

Create Alarms

  1. Open the SureView user interface.

  2. Open the SureView menu in the upper right corner of the screen -> Click Areas

  3. Click Add Area -> Fill in the details to your liking, then click Add.

  1. Open the SureView menu in the upper right corner of the screen -> Click Alarms

  2. Click Add Alarm -> Name your alarm (Test Alarm in our example), then select the Area you created above. Fill in the rest of the details to your liking.

  1. Your Alarm has now been added to your list of alarms and has been assigned an e-mail address - copy this address to clipboard or otherwise note it down.

Connect Ultinous AI Suite with your SureView alarm

  1. If you do not have an SMTP server configured: In the Ultinous AI Suite, open the Control Panel -> E-mail Settings -> Setup an SMTP server to send emails from. Please refer to the E-mail sending guide for detailed instructions.

  2. Go to Solutions -> Select the solution you would like to connect with SureView or create a new one.

  3. Scroll down to Enable Central Station Monitoring support -> tick its button.

  4. Select SureView from the drop-down list. Paste the e-mail address you received above in the Target email field.

    • Enable snapshot attach: Tick this button to include a snapshot image of the incident in the e-mail sent to SureView, in .jpg format.
    • Send end of event: Tick this button if you would like to receive a special 'end of event' in SureView once the corresponding alarm is over.
  5. Click Save to submit your changes to the solution. It is now ready to send events to be viewed in SureView!

Repeat steps 2-6 for each of your Solutions you would like to send data to SureView.

Viewing incidents in SureView

  1. Once you receive an event from Ultinous AI Suite, it will appear as an entry in a list in Alarm processing.

The information under the Details column (Test Alarm - Object Detected in our example) contains the name of the Alarm you set in SureView, under Alarms, as well as the type of solution you set up in Ultinous AI Suite. Read on to find out what subject type corresponds to which solution.

  1. If the Enable snapshot attach button has been ticked in the solution's settings in Ultinous AI Suite, the alarm will contain a link to a snapshot of the incident in .jpg format. To view it, select the alarm in the list.

  2. Click the arrow button on its row.

  3. Click the Open Original Email button.

  1. Click the link contained in the popup window to open the image snapshot.

List of solutions with corresponding subjects

Alarms received in SureView contain one the following as their subject, corresponding to a specific solution in Ultinous AI Suite - consult the table below for a complete list of them.

Solution type in Ultinous AI SuiteAlarm subject in SureView
CrowdPerson Detected
IntrusionIntruder Detected
Hazardous AreaObject Detected
Multi Object DetectionObject Detected
Zone CrossingObject Direction
LoiteringObject Dwell
StoppedObject Stopped
Wrong DirectionObject Direction
PPEPerson Detected
Fall DetectionPerson Detected
End of event*Logical Event*

NOTE: If Send end of event option was ticked during the solution's configuration in Ultinous AI Suite, it will appear as an additional alarm in SureView with a Logical Event subject, after the end timestamp of the corresponding incident.