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Version: 3.1.0

Ultinous AI Suite


version: 3.1.0 | Product Page

Ultinous AI Suite is an industry-leading AI-based video surveillance and analytics suite. Through the key components of the suite, Ultinous AI Suite provides complete coverage when it comes to security and safety-related surveillance scenarios in multitude of industries. All alarms can be managed on Ultinous AI Suite’s user interface and/or sent to a third party dashboard, such as a Video Management System.

Ultinous AI Suite is supplied as a software only solution that supports multiple edge hardware devices.

Key features

  • Intrusion for fixed and PTZ cameras
  • Multi Object Detection including person and 8 vehicle classes
  • Traffic Counting including person and 8 vehicle classes
  • Multi Object Counting including person and 8 vehicle classes
  • Zone Crossing including person and 8 vehicle classes
  • Loitering including person and 8 vehicle classes
  • Wrong Direction
  • PPE detection
  • Stopped detection
  • Fall detection
  • Hazardous Area
  • Crowd detection
  • Milestone XProtect and Mobotix HUB support
  • Genetec Security Center support
  • Central Station Monitoring support including IMMIX and Sureview
  • Google BigQuery support for Traffic Counting
  • Alarm notifications via e-mail
  • Custom third-party software integration for alarms and counters

Release notes

Release dates and change log.

Device support

Supported hardware models.

The General Terms and Conditions and the End User Licence Agreement of Ultinous.

User's guide

This document shows you how to install, configure and use Ultinous AI Suite.


Ultinous AI Suite supports integration with Milestone XProtect, Mobotix HUB and Genetec Security Center video management systems. The documentation will help you configure them, step-by-step, to receive alarms triggered by Ultinous AI Suite.

Ultinous AI Suite allows you to send alarms via e-mail too. The service can be set up to be used either by human beings or automated systems.

This guide will also aid software developers who would like to interface Ultinous AI Suite Events to a custom third party component, like a Video Management System.


In case you encounter an error or have an enquiry about a particular segment of Ultinous AI Suite, consult one of the troubleshooting articles corresponding to your issue. If you have further questions, contact or create a ticket in our Support Center.